Progress Monitoring Videos and Photography

Engage stakeholders and potential clients with stunning aerial footage. Implementing aerial construction monitoring into your workflow helps smooth out project team communications, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Increasing efficiency and reducing down times due to miscommunication.

Regular data collection assists in gaining the trust of important stakeholders and can be an invaluable marketing tool for securing new clients by giving them a transparent view of the state of your venture.

360 Degree Imaging

This format can be used in the planning, development and completion stages of construction:

  • Planning - Assist in determining the views present at a predetermined height, to assist architect and for promotional material.

  • Construction - Monitor an entire site from one single image.

  • Completion - Showcase your completed project and impress future clients with a birds eye view.

Volumetric Analyisis

Standard practices of volumetric analysis are hazardous procedures requiring surveyors to physically climbing up and down stockpiles carrying heavy and expensive equipment. Drone technology not only removes the need for manually traversing the piles, thus reducing time and improving safety, but can also provide a more accurate results. This is particularly evident on irregularly shaped piles, where standard surveying techniques would introduce errors due to excessive interpolation between points. 

Drone based photogrammetry measurements can provide a much faster, safer and cost effective solution to keeping track of earth works and stockpile movements around a site. 

3D Modelling

Photogrammetry based 3D modelling techniques can assist architects, engineers and construction managers tom more accurately monitor and plan their projects. Point clouds of the block and neighbouring structures can be captured to assist in the plan and design phase, giving a greater idea of what the final product will look like in the real world, and to assist with designing on irregular blocks with large slopes or unusual features. This process can also be used for planning extensions or remediation to preexisting structures, offering a real world visualisation of the current stage of the building. 

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