Drone Security

Operating as specialist security providers since 1995, the Nitestar Security group made the decision in 2013 to use Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) and other innovative technologies in support of Nitestar’s security work. An expansion of drone use into other sectors led to the development of Nitestar’s drone security and services division “Drone Technologies”.

Drones offer an array of advantages over standard security services including:

  • Monitoring larger areas quicker, including regions deemed inaccessible by standard patrols.

  • Improve safety of guards and first responders by improving situation awareness and allowing remote monitoring.

  • Large field of view.

  • Easily re-positioned.

  • Footage can be live streamed to command centre.

  • Advanced sensors can perceive threats indistinguishable to the human eye.

Drone security can be utlised to great effects across a range of industries by providing multi-faceted services, for example;

  • Large events such as the 2018 Commonwealth Games benefit from a service which not only conducts routine perimeter patrols, but can also be immediately deployed to specific areas while broadcasting a live-stream to the venue security managers.

  • Regulatory bodies can employ a service which can collect evidence, survey inaccessible locations and act as a preemptive deterrent. 

  • Warehouses and yacht harbours etc can reduce security premiums and assure stake holders of the security of their assets by engaging devices capable of providing real-time information including HD footage and thermal video feeds


Drone security pilots can assist in monitoring events such as concerts, sporting games and festivals to ensure public safety. Common tasks include perimeter patrols for 'fence jumpers', anti-terrorism, anti-drone patrols and command centre situational awareness.

Solar Farms

Reduce the risk of vandalism while simultaneously monitoring for causes of output reductions such as bird droppings, dust and shadowing through aerial thermography asset inspection.

Construction Sites

Drones assist project management teams by monitoring process and identifying risks on construction sites, Drone Technologies security pilots can also assist by providing random patrols throughout the day and night to dissuade and identify trespassers. Reducing the costs incurred from theft and vandalism.

Defence Sites

Utilising a team of pilots vetted by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency, Drone Technologies can assist in the monitoring and security of Australian defence sites. 

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Marine Monitoring

Utilising drones, pilots can cover large expanses of area to monitor for the illegal mooring of water vessels as well as breaches of maritime laws and illegal dumping of wastes. Previous cases have involved the generation of orthomosaics, allowing regulatory bodies to actively track and monitor the movements of vessels in their jurisdiction.

Public Safety

Deployed as an ancillary asset, drones can assist standard security patrols to ensure public safety by acting as a deterrent, quickly covering large areas and enabling rapid response when risks to the public are identified.

Critical Infrastructure

Simultaneously monitor for security and structural risks using Drone Technologies radiometric thermal imaging and 180x zoom sensors to improve safety and preemptively identify potential failures.

Search & Rescue

In a life and death SAR situtation, every moment counts. Using thermal and zoom RGB imagery, RPAS pilots can provide live feeds to command stations, detailing aircraft telemetry such as accurate GPS locations, heading and speed to help search parties improve the likelihood of a successful mission. 

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