Pix4D Software for First Responders

The latest addition to the Pix4D photogrammetry suite is a tool to assist drone pilots involved in law enforcement, fire and public safety to rapidly produce 2D maps in the field. Pix4Dreact is currently only available to selected 'early adopters' in the emergency services sector however, the following information is currently available:

⦿ The only output available will be an orthomosaic

⦿ Output can be generated in 'minutes' on a ' mid-range computer ' in the field

⦿ Orthomosaic can be used for linear and area measurements

⦿ Locations and corresponding GPS coordinates can be marked in the map

⦿ Data is exportable via PDF or GeoTIFF

⦿ Software works as standalone program without internet connectivity

Given the recent fires sweeping QLD and NSW it's easy to see how an application like this could be of great benefit, allowing emergency personnel to much more accurately track and predict fire movements. This software could also be used in post disaster recovery efforts for earthquakes, landslides, flooding and cyclones or to assist in search and rescue operations.

Another potential application could be using drones to assist in livestock mustering, where large areas could be rapidly mapped, a machine learning object recognition algorithm could be used to identify and locate livestock, saving time and resources for farmers.

A relevant application for Drone Technologies and Nitestar's previous experience in drone security would be in the public safety sector. Here the rapid generation of maps could be used to monitor crowd flow, assist in tactical planning and document site variations.


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