Police Issue Drone Warning

Queensland Police have issued a warning after four separate incidents involving drone usage in the Temporary Restricted Areas, detailed in on of our previous posts:

Temporary Restriced Airspace for drones - Games Venues

QPS have warned that drone users could face significant penalties, up to a fine of

$250,000, for breaching restricted airspace. Assistant Commissioner Peter Crawford said "the message from police is clear: the use of drones in the restricted airspace around

venues will not be tolerated".

Drone Technologies staff have already had a case involving a rogue drone flying within the Athlete's Village TRA, however the pilot was quickly deterred when the large security drone was sent to investigate and managed to flee the scene before QPS arrived to issue a warning.

If you're unsure about where you can safely fly during the Commonwealth Games, please refer to the document linked in the article above.

Dribes Security Dji M600 Pro securing the commonwealth games athletes village
Drone Technologies Security Drones are patrolling the Athletes Village 24/7

Original article in the Brisbane Times:

Drone warning after four incidents in Commonwealth Games restricted zone

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