Roof Inspections

Drone Roof Inspection 

Drone Technologies uses state of the art DJI-Quadcopters to take high resolution images of your entire roof and details areas that require your attention. Drone Technologies roof inspections offer considerable cost and safety improvements over standard inspection procedures. Roof inspections can be performed with minimal time on site and without requiring employees to work at heights, all of which equates to cost savings for your business.


All Drone Technologies staff hold Queensland White Cards, are CASA certified and fully insured to ensure peace of mind for all operations. We provide all the imagery collected via a cloud hosting service for you to keep for your records. This data may be used after successive inspections to illustrate roof degradation over the time frame.

Drone roof inspection
rusted roof inspected using drone
roof rust drone inspection

When to order a roof inspection?

  • Had any workers on the roof in the past 5 years?

    • The reason to check after you have had workers on your roof is they could have left metal shards or debris behind leave areas for rust to propagate.

  • If you have had wild animals in the ceiling, they have more than likely gotten there through an out of place tile or another roof defect which can be found during our roof inspection preventing further uninvited guests under your roof!

  • If you experience a storm with strong winds, lightening, hail or heavy rain it is recommended you arrange a roof inspection as these storms can damage your roof from dented or cracked metal sheets or tiles to heavy tree branches weighing on the roof

  • It is also recommended that you have roof inspections every 5 years as roofs do degrade overtime however regular inspections can help prolong the life of your roof

  • Monitoring construction progress - whether you are managing a construction project, or overseeing your own development, having records of site progress throughout the project can save you time and money if disputes arise down the track.

  • Due diligence - Easily identify and investigate potential defects prior to purchase.